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St. Barth is a tropical island of the French West Indies in the Caribbean Ocean. This our table of contents for the St. Barth section of The Civilized Explorer.

St. Barthélemy, the Friendly Isle

NOTE: An embarrassment of riches. Where once we had only one book we thought a worthy guide, now we have three. Our favorite travel guide to St. Barth is St. Barths Alive!, a volume which covers both St. Martin and St. Barth, and we review it on our PaperView site. There is another book out called Case et Cuisine, which really knocks our socks off. And we now have Paradise Found, fascinating stories of the owners and chefs of a dozen and a half of the fabled restaurants on the island.

St. Barth Alive! Case et Cuisine Paradise Found

The airports at St. Maarten and St. Barth

Our delicious link roll for our St. Barth photos:

There are a couple of discussion groups for St. Barth. Take a look at SBH Journal, which has travel reports and tips from people who have been going there for many years. For answers from a smaller group, try St Barts Talk.

For general information on the French West Indies:

Be sure to check the Table of Contents for updates, including more recent photographs.

NOTE: Change in telephone numbers.
As of July 2001, international telephone numbers in St. Barth changeed. The country code remains 590, and all numbers have another 590 added to them. This is confusing, so here is an example:
A telephone number which was earlier listed as (590) 27.71.90 has become (590) 590 27 71 90.

By the way, if you see a number beginning 690, that is a cell phone.

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