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Vegetarian Meals in the French West Indies

We receive occasional requests from travelers to the French West Indies concerning vegetarian meals. We are omnivores and had never considered the issue. Our last request for information caused us to give the matter some thought, and we asked our traveler to provide us with information on her experience. It seems that the issue is not that difficult after all.

We love the salads on the islands

We suggested salads. Our restaurant reviews provide information on all our meals, and we often have salads. Although some of the salads contain meat or fish, we have greatly enjoyed the fresh produce of the islands. We have had vegetable- only salads on all of the islands in the French West Indies. If you are in a restaurant which does not satisfy your needs for vegetarian foods, you generally can get a salad made from local vegetables. This may not meet all your nutritional requirements at that meal, but at the least you will have a filling and very tasty meal.

Indian Restaurants

Our last vegetarian visitor to Guadeloupe mentioned that the island has a considerable number of Indian restaurants which serve vegetarian food. Her favorite was the Taj Mahal, which she described as follows:

The restaurant we used to visit was called "Taj Mahal" and was located on the Grande Terre, on Pointe de la Verdure (which leads to the local Casino), not far from the city of GOSIER. The interior of the "Taj Mahal" is luxuriously Oriental, but (at least when we visited the place) the restaurant was every time quite empty! Too little advertising, maybe?

Other vegetarian options

Vegetarian dishes are also available in Italian restaurants and other places that serve pasta. If you eat milk and eggs, you may order omelettes with cheese, mushrooms, and other vegetables. Our traveling vegetarian reported that "vegetarienne" is the word to use, although she recommends caution as "French cooks like to mix their bouillon here and there... ." It was only in small Creole restaurants that she had any problems obtaining vegetarian food.

The preceding paragraphs are from Tina. She has given us permission to post her email address in case other vegetarians have questions about dining on Guadeloupe. Her address is lepisti at hotmail.com -- to prevent spambots from getting her email address and exposing her to heavy spamming, we have not given her address in correct form, but you will know how to reach her from reading the address. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we hope you understand.

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