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Nudity on St. Barth

We recently received the following email taking us to task for making American tourists run amok naked on all the beaches on St. Barth:


I'm french, living in St Barth. Because of you and others, a lot of amrican
are goind naked on evry beaches of St Barth. I Have nothing again nudity,
but children might get confused seing people others than their parents going
around . 

Could you please note and once and forever that is nudity is tolerate in St
Barth, it has to be with intelligence, which I'm starting to think is
missing with some Americans.

Thank you for reading;

Alexandre Nastat

Please stop running around naked on all the beaches on St. Barth. Only on Grande Saline and Gouverneur are nudity tolerated, you nitwits. Do not go naked on any other beaches. You are giving Americans a bad name.

The email is posted with the kind permission of the author.

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