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Gites on Guadeloupe

We have listed here some of the gites in Guadeloupe which have Web sites for information. Gites are likely to be privately owned and to offer fewer services and amenities than hotels. Generally, you can think of a gite as a bungalow on someone's rather large lot. Often a person has several bungalows, each self- contained, with bath, bedroom, kitchenette, and veranda. Unless the page gives you information to the contrary, you should assume that you will have no maid service or meals included in the price.

We give as much information as we can about the locations of the gites listed below, so that you will have some idea of the location. We suggest that you take a look at our beaches and beaches 1998 pages for additional information on locations. Some gites are near beaches we consider unswimmable because of strong waves and undertows.

Note that during the time we collected these links, prepared this page, and rechecked the links, several were already broken and several descriptions were no longer accurate. If you find dead links we would appreciate being told. If our description is not at all what you find, c'est la vie dans l'Internet.

Bungalows Piton
En française; English. The page is rather slow to download because of the graphics, but it is certainly attractive. These bungalows are near Deshaies, on the western coast of Basse Terre. This area is about as far away from the tourist areas as you can get on Guadeloupe, and the drive to Pointe-a-Pitre, for example, would be lengthy (about 40 km) but not tiring. Deshaies is very near the National Parc and reasonably close to Le Soufrière. The site has photographs, a floor plan, and rates for reservations.
Hotel Habitation Grande Anse
The information states that the bungalows are 250 meters from the beach at Grand Anse, just north of Deshaies, Basse Terre. They have a not very helpful photograph of a building by their pool, but they give rates and availabilities of their units.
Gite Coco et Zabrico
En française. This gite is located in Trois- Rivière, at the southern tip of Basse Terre. It is near a beach called Grande Anse, but not the Grande Anse near Deshaies. There is also the Parc Archiologique des Roches Gravées, a park where there are rock carvings left by pre- Columbian inhabitants. Trois- Rivière is not a tourist area and is more convenient to Grande Terre than Deshaies. The page has a fragment of a building showing in a photograph and gives rates; you may have the owners pick you up at the airport, but we recommend a rental car.
Hotel Bois Joli
En française; English; am deutsch. This hotel is on Les Saintes (see our description of Les Saintes). We have had a pleasant lunch at this hotel. There is a photo taken from the veranda where we sat. Prices are listed, and you may email for a brochure and reservations. This hotel is within walking distance of the town and another beach that may be clothing optional -- we have had conflicting reports about Anse de Crawen.
Hotel La Cocoteraie Le Meridien en française
Hotel La Cocoteraie Le Meridien in English
La Cocoteraie is a luxury hotel in St. Fran&ccedli;ois, about 40 kilometers from Pointe-a-Pitre. We have stayed in St. Fran&ccedli;ois and found it to be a rather small town not much frequented by tourists. There is a strip mall a short walk from this hotel, and the main part of the village is another block or two away. There is a Robert Trent Jones golf course across the street from the hotel. No prices are given, but you may email for addtional information. (La Cocoteraie is well beyond the means of the average person -- it is listed as a gite because of the bungalows, but it is as much like a gite as a Faberge egg is like the ones you find at Easter.)

Please be sure to take a look at our Table of Contents page for additional information on Guadeloupe, including hotels, beaches and restaurants.

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