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Most pages on this site have a text link at the top. If you are having trouble viewing a page because of our color scheme, select the text link. Those pages have no colors set, and you will be able to view the pages in the colors you have selected as your default in your browser.

If you need to find information, we have a Table of Contents at which is up to date. You can also search the site using, an online search engine.

If you are searching for information on our pages and not finding it, please check your spelling. For example, foto and fotograph are spelled photo and photgraph on our site. And you might try variations; for example, photographs, pictures, and images -- we probably use all three words throughout the more than 400 pages on this site.

We provide photographs of our vacations to the French West Indies. Some of the photographs show people who are topless (well, all we worry about is topless women, right?), and some show people who have no clothes on at all. If you go to the Table of Contents, you will find the list of pages with photographs; the descriptions tell you which pages show how much. You can then choose to enjoy island photographs which fit your customs. Please remember that it is a big world out there, and you do not run it.

We have pages which cover travel all over the world, in addition to our specific information on the French West Indies. See our Travel Information Pages for additional links to the Caribbean. If you cannot find the information you seek on our French West Indies pages, it may be on the pages we list for the Caribbean.

We review travel guides and other travel- related books; see our link near the top of this page for PaperView. Buying from our links to the booksellers gives us a small commission on each sale; if you buy anothr item after following our link, we get an even smaller commission on that, but we appreciate it.

Our pages also include "hidden" links which are used by more advanced browsers such as Lynx, NCSA Mosaic, and iCab to allow one- click navigation in your browser window. (With Lynx, it is one letter navigation.) If you are not using one of these modern browsers, please ask those responsive people at customer support for your favorite browser to support "rel" and "rev" links in the head of HTML files. And you know how soon you will get a response.

For information on our copyrighted images, privacy policy, and warranties (or lack thereof), drop by our exciting copyright page.

We hope you find everything you need, but if not, feel free to drop us a line. We generally read our email daily. We will be glad to provide any additional information which we can, with the following limitations:

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