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Travel Information Page: Caribbean

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The Travel Information Page: Caribbean provides a wealth of information on travel in the Caribbean. Whether you wish to plan your trip yourself or provide knowledgable assistance to your travel professional, the Travel Information Page: Caribbean has the links you need for a vacation or business trip to the Caribbean islands.

You've had vacations before; now it's time to explore.

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Table of Contents

  1. Anguilla
  2. Antigua
  3. Aruba
  4. Bahamas
  5. Barbados
  6. Barbuda
  7. Bermuda
  8. Bonaire
  9. Cayman
  10. Cuba
  11. Curaçao
  12. Dominica
  13. Dominican Republic
  14. French West Indies [New page; re-bookmark]
  15. Grenada
  16. Guadeloupe [New page; re-bookmark] NEW!
  17. Haiti
  18. Jamaica
  19. Marie Galante NEW!
  20. Martinique [New page; re-bookmark]
  21. Montserrat
  22. Saba
  23. Les Saintes [New page; re-bookmark]
  24. St. Barthelemy [New page; re-bookmark]
  25. St. Kitts and Nevis
  26. St. Lucia
  27. St. Martin - Sint Maarten [New page; re-bookmark]
  28. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  29. Trinidad and Tobago
  30. Turks and Caicos
  31. The Virgin Islands, US and British
  32. General Caribbean Resources
  33. Caribbean Rhythms
  34. Car Rental in the Caribbean
  35. Caribbean News



Anguilla Villas of Distinction
An attractive commercial site offering villas, hotels, and resorts on the island. A photograph of a featured selection is shown, but the rest of the page is text, making for quick download and display. Each accommodation is given a brief description and rates are give apparently in US dollars, although the presence of a W in front of some dollar signs gives us some confusion.
Anguilla Local News
Not always exactly current, but refreshingly unpretentious, brief, and even helpful. Restaurant reviews, lodging, what to wear and bring, and more.
A personal page reminiscing about a trip in August of 1994. Lots of pictures and a good overview of the island. They enjoyed their trip, and it shows.
An attractive site with extensive coverage of the damage done by Hurricanes Luis and Marilyn. With some information on recent history and the current economy and government, the page provides ample information on this island with beautiful beaches. The list of Do's and Don't's is a little depressing, but there are some very nice photographs of the island.


Read about this book: Antigua and Barbuda
Read about this book.

This site is still under construction, but it now has images of the flag and the coat of arms, and a map of the island. There is also a four- day forecast, but the days did not match the day of our visit. High temperatures were listed as 27 degrees. There are links to other links to Antigua, but not all of them were still valid. Still not worth a visit.
Antigua & Barbuda Today
Sponsored by the Daily Observer, this is an attractive site (Netscape enhanced) with a quick overview of the islands on the first page, along with a calendar of events and a description of Carnival. Unfortunately, the site is almost entirely text and very few pictures. As an example, the link to "Favorite Beaches" brings you to a page with a list of the beaches and only one link to a photo. "Places to Eat" is a list of places with addresses and the type of food (Italian seems to be a favorite) -- No reviews of the food, no photos of the restaurants. It would be nice to have more information than is provided. The first page is most helpful.


Orrin's Aruba Trip Notes
An American frequent visitor to Aruba gives an annual update to what is going on on the island, new construction, ATM access, and a brief list of favorite restaurants. The author also has lots of links to other Caribbean sites. The pages are attractively done.
Aruba On-line
This site is completely commercial and much of the information is clearly paid advertising. The site is very well done and the pages are attractive. Our only misgiving is that the site uses frames, with a narrower frame on the left as a menu bar; however, all of the options on the menu bar are also on each page we visited, making the menu frame a superfluous waste of valuable screen space.


The Lonely Planet Bahamas Turks & Caicos is available, and we also have two guides from Hunter Publishing.

Bahamas Accommodations and Travel Resources
This is one of the more obnoxious commercial sites. Frames clutter up your monitor, list bullets blink, ships sail across the top frame, words blink, descriptions are written in all capital letters, the information about the rentals is crammed into a vertical frame with photographs, making the text a lengthy narrow stripe down the left, and the authors use headings to attempt to control font size. That is the bad news. The good news is that there is a ton of information about rental villas in the Bahamas. The information is provided by the vendor, there are photos of the villas and the interiors, rates and seasons are given, and there is a message board where you can leave enquiries as to the fishing, diving, and other questions about the area.
Official Guide to the Islands of the Bahamas
We will stretch the Caribbean a little and include the Bahamas. The home page is very long with lots of text and helpful images. Prepared by the Ministry of Tourism and very well done. Links to sports, gambling, weddings, cuisine, specific islands of the group, beaches, and on and on and on ... .


The Barbados Mini Rough Guide is now available.

Barbados Villas of Distinction
This page offers only one photo, resulting in quick download and display. Villas of Distinction offers villas, hotels, and resorts, with rates given in numbers, sometimes with a Yen sign, sometimes a z, most often with no currency symbol at all. Rates are weekly and range from 800 to 50,000 of whatever.
This is the Barbados page of Caribbean Island Travel, offering villas for rent. The brief description of Barbados serves mostly to promote the company, and one "typical villa" is given a one- page description with a few photographs. The site offers several dozen villas, most with a separate Web page with a couple of photographs and promotional description. Rates are given in US dollars.
Go Barbados
This is a site which provides hotels of the week, activities of the week, and so forth, along with a calendar of events (we visited in mid- June, and there were no listings after May), general information, maps, and more. The site is commercial, but there is sufficient information to make it worthwhile for research; if you need information on places to stay, the site has a searchable index, but it appears to contain mostly paid advertisers, so all the descriptions are glowing. There are also searchable and browseable indices for shops and activities.
Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia
The opening page has lots of graphics but little text on a black background. Since no dimensions are provided for the graphics, you stare at a black screen for a long time. Go to the Table of Contents page instead, and skip the official page. The real index has a wealth of links for accommodations, restaurants, art and entertainment, beaches, shopping, sports, business on the island, and on and on. The pages are all slow to load with many graphics having nothing to do with the topic of the page. We recommend visiting this site with image- loading turned off; this is a very difficult site from which to extract information.
NEW! This site has changed considerably. The opening page is now quite useable, although the Table of Contents page may be preferable for those with a slow link. The redesign has made the information much more accessible. The photographs are now relevant and quicker to download.
Barbados: Our Island in the Sun
The site is the official site of the government. The opening page is quite rapid, but the internal pages with photographs require several links to get to, and the pictures are rather too much like postcards for our liking.


Hunter Publishing has a printed guide to Barbuda.

Sketchy information on the island of Barbuda and a map.


Read about this book: Bermuda
Read about this book.

Bermuda Online
Business- oriented information regarding tourism, telecommunications, and other business. This site has undergone a transformation in appearance and layout making it much more accessible. A wealth of information for both business and pleasure. Excellent site.


Welcome to Bonaire
A nice opening page with links to helpful information on the island. Maps show the location of the island in the Caribbean and the island itself. Helpful links include diving, cycling, accommodations, restaurants, and a calendar of events. You can also explore the history, culture, and language of the island.

Cayman Islands

Read our review of The Cayman Islands Alive!

Cayman Islands Villas of Distinction
The site shows a photograph of a selected site, with the rest of the information in text, making for quick download and display. Prices are given in for a week's stay. Sometimes a dollar sign is used, often not; it is not clear that prices are in US dollars. The Yen sign is used to denote a variable price depending on the season (winter shoulder rates).
Conch Club Condominiums
This is an attractive site, with the motto "Get Away From It All Without Leaving It All Behind." The club provides full amenities to its customers, while providing excursions into the hinterlands of its island. The site offers packages (including those for divers), with various plans various meals and non- package dives. Note the cleaning fee.
Cayman Islands World Wide Web
An incredibly long download time for what little is on the opening page. There are links to accommodations, events, cuisine, recreation, and more, but the content and helpfulness is amazingly varied. This is a commercial site with little to help the first- time visitor to decide whether to go to these islands. For those who have been before, the spotty information may not be of great help in picking new places to visit.
Cayman Islands World Wide Web
Frames. This is a pleasant site with links to accommodations, business, events, a guide to the islands, recipes (we have linked directly to that page on our personal page of hot links), recreation, and more. Accommodations are searchable by type and by location. Each page is very graphics intensive and slow to load, and some gave us broken image icons. Patience is rewarded, however.
Tropical Retreats
This is a commercial site with the goal of selling you a video tape about the Cayman Islands. There are small photos of the "awesome" sights, but one could never distinguish the Cayman Islands from any other tropical island in these images. The site offers such tips as learn what a sea urchin looks like before you step on one -- but does not provide a photograph.


A Web site generated by PageMill; the opening page is two images, one a generic photograph of a beach, and one of text, and a link to "Enter." Since the real page has the same two images, just skip the link above, and go to the menu. Unfortunately, it is a framed page, with images of text for links, and the opening page in the bottom frame. The problem is that the links in the top frame take you to the real content; those pages have a "back" link which takes you to the opening page with its "enter" link. Clicking on that opens the page you are on in the bottom frame, duplicating the content in the top frame -- rather like facing mirrors reflecting infinity -- until your browser crashes.
Oh, the real content: The site wants to provide you information on Cuba. It offers a great deal of information about various towns and activities, with lots of photographs. Unfortunately, all information is provided in the lower frame, so you cannot easily navigate the site, and visited links do not change color, so you can never be sure where you have been. The service offered by this site is badly needed, but the execution is very poor.
The text page is organized differently than the opening page and includes a search function. Both include links to news, photographs, artists, music, Cuban cigar labels, and other items as well, some in English, some in Spanish. The authors claim to be nonpartisan, but they are clearly anti- Castro. The photographs are varied in subject and quality and not well- described, but they are worth browsing. If you wish to view the cigar labels, select the label at the top of the text; fascinating illustration from another time.
Caribbean Music & Dance Programs
This site offers legal travel to Cuba to study its dance and music. Workshops include rumba, Cuban popular music, folkloric music and dance, and more. You may also arrange your trip to coincide with carnival, a latin jazz festival, and other events. The site gives prices and dates; packages are not all inclusive, but the details are available. Note that the United States government permits its citizens to visit Cuba for educational and professional research purposes and that a federal application must be submitted for permission to visit. Flights to Cuba originate outside the United States, and the prices quoted in this Web site do not include transportation to that departure point. Although this site is serious in its demeanor and includes information on dance and music for serious study -- it sounds like a ball!
Piet den Blanken: Cuba as it is
This is a promotion page for the photographer, but do not be put off by the beginning. There are links to 18 black and white photographs he took on a visit to Cuba. The photographer clearly admires his subjects and cares about them. These are photographs of people, not travel snapshots of a worn out country. The sizes of the photos are given with the links, and all of the photos are worth viewing.
The National Web Site for the Republic of Cuba
Español; English. The home page contains links to news (decidedly anti- USA), tips, tourism, Cuban arts and treasures, investments, and considerably more. The information is, unfortunately, terse (under shopping, cigars are mentioned without comment), but this is an interesting site to explore -- You will find a description of the Humor Museum in addition to dozens of other museums of art, history, music, and much more. One wishes for more information, a little self- promotion, even. Much remains to be said about this island and its people.


Curaçao TOC:
| General Information | Diving, Dive Shops, & Dive Tours | Hiking & Other Things To Do | Special Pages |

General Information

Weather Underground: Curaçao
The weather forecast.
American Consulate General Curacao
This is the Web site of the American consulate on Curacao. Although interior links soon degenerate into links to other sites and to U.S. government general Web sites on passports, divorce, and visas, the site is quite useful in its Curaçao specifics -- local holidays, entry requirements (for U.S. citizens), telephone numbers, address, and email addresses for the consulate, in the event you need them.
Government in Curacao
Several tables of names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the various ministries in Willemstad.
Curacao Dutch Caribbean
This is the official Curaçao Web site. The site has a great deal of useful information often overlooked by others: electricity, water, maps, time, local weather, crime, money, and health, along with the more obvious national parks, museums, beaches, diving, and the like. The pages are cleanly done with lots of white space -- very readable. From this site, you can rent an apartment or hotel room, book a sunset tour, and find out about night live on the island. The site also covers business, culture, and events, offering an email service to alert you to what is happening on the island. If you have to have only one Web site on Curaçao, this would be it. Recommended.
The Official Site of the Curacao Tourism Development Bureau
Crashed our version of Internet Explorer with a lengthy list of Java errors. Netscape could display the home page, but slowed to a crawl without any obvious benefit from whatever the Java applet was supposed to do. Whether from a slow connection or the Java Applet, the pages crawled in on our cable modem at less that 200 bytes per second. (Normal rates are around 20,000 bytes per second.) We are sure this is a wonderful site, but we gave it up.
The Official Site of the Curacao Tourism Development Bureau
No, this is not a typo. This site also makes the claim. We had no problems viewing this site, and it contained the same text as on the pages we managed to view on the other Official Site. In fact, it has the same text as the Curacao Dutch Caribbean Web site, just laid out differently and with different photographs. If the Curacao Dutch Caribbean is not working for you, give this site a try.
The #1 Official Tourism Site of Curaçao
Okay, we are confused. We have no idea how many official sites there are. This site offers a searchable database of residents so you can get their telephone number, a weekly cruise ship schedule, a searchable email directory, an events calendar, plus basic facts about Curaçao, but on the whole, this site is rather skimpy.
Map of Curacao
A fuzzy map of Curaçao, surrounded by banner ads and taking considerable time to download.
Curacao Electrical, Modem Accessories
For those who simply must have their Internet fix, this page provides information on the electricity (it is not the same as that in the US or Europe), what the electric sockets look like, and telephone jacks (not RJ11). Links are provided to buy necessary gear from this site.
Worldwide Gazeteer - Curacao
Another excellent resource on Curaçao. Although there is very little original information (maybe none), the site has a veritable plethora of links to guides to exporting to Curaçao, locating brokers, doing business on the island, politics, economics, online newspapers, maps, guide books, and the chiefs (chieves?) of state of Curaçao.
Curacao Online Network
This is a very different site. Curacao Online Network is a local company devoted to bringing high technology to the island. Locals can get a free Web page, free email, a bulletin board, a community list, and considerably more. When we looked, however, most of the "members" were from other countries who apparently love the island. For the rest of us, the site provides information on accommodations, diving, dining out, shopping, and the like. The site offers the usual photographs and information; for most visitors, the online community is likely to be the real draw for this site.
Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
In English, nederlandse, deutch. At first glance, this looks like a rather uninteresting site -- the kind we usually associate with official government agencies. But upon looking further, we discovered a no-frills site with a ton of useful information and links. The list of hotels, for examples, has images that were scanned from half-tone images and are full of florets, but the list is very long, with addresses, telephone numbers, number of rooms, and email where available, along with links if Web sites are available. The list of restaurants is in tabular form with somewhat less information; two dozen dive shops are listed along with addresses, phone and fax, and links where available; 17 dive sites are listed, with a map and descriptions. The site offers suggestions of things to do, places to go, bars, car rental, and considerably more. The site is not entertaining, but it gives you what you need to know. Recommended.
Curacao Page
This is a personal page on Curaçao with links to local radio stations, recipes, history, diving, people, nature, and general information. The photographs are excellent, and the history is more nearly complete than most tourist sites. The links to radio stations requires a plug in and Java. Although the site is dated 1997, we found some sections still under construction, but the site is worth a visit as it is.

Back to Curaçao TOC

Diving, Dive Shops, & Dive Tours

Curacao Dive Sites Page
This page dated 1997. It gives links to various dive sites around the island. These links vary considerably in quality, sometimes one sentence, sometimes a lengthy description with conditions of the local flora. Each site page has a few underwater photographs which are not related to the dive site.
diving adventures Curacao
This site seems to be aimed at hardcore divers who have been to Curaçao before and want only a dive package. And that is just about all that is listed on this site. NOTE: The only date we could find on this page was "October 03, 19100," which was, more or less, the date of our visit, so be sure to verify whether the listing of packages is current.
S.A.F.E. Diving
This is a site from a dive shop "in the heart of the mushroom forest." The site provides links to rental equipment and to lodging, but this is a dive shop, so their packages are for boat and dive only, not air travel and lodging. The shop also offers courses for those not certified.
Aqua Diving Curaçao
This dive shop specializes in shore diving, offering packages for the seasoned diver and courses for the beginner. The packages appear to offer only diving, but the package page mentions lodging without giving separate prices. You can rent photo and video equipment and cars, in addition to their SCUBA gear. Prices are given in Netherland Antilles florins and U.S. dollars.
Habitat Curaçao
This is a dive resort located on the southwest coast. The resort offers luxurious accommodations, restaurant, photo facilities (rent underwater gear, take a course in underwater photography, have yourself taped on your dives), and dive shop (boats, tanks, and other gear for rent or sale, maintenance and repairs, and instruction). Packages include airfare, transfers, and meals (if desired). Reservations must be made through a local agent, so no prices are given for a package. Courses and rentals are priced on the Web site in U.S. dollars.
A collection of articles from Skin Diver magazine

Back to Curaçao TOC

Hiking & Other Things To Do

Curaçao Sites and Side Trips
A nice page with a few photographs, this page gives you tips on what to see during your stay on Curaçao.
Curacao: Caribbean Shopping Capital
The Travel Lady has covered Willemstad in intimate detail and lends you her expertise. She recommends it highly as a world trading center with goods from all of Europe. This really is an excellent resource on shopping on Curaçao with specifics on credit cards, U.S. dollars, prices (sometimes 30% less than the price of comparable goods in the U.S.), outdoor markets, and souvenirs in a country with no indigenous industry.
Curacao Sea Aquarium
For those who prefer not to dive or snorkel the waters around this Caribbean island, a visit to the Sea Aquarium will put you in touch with the watery flora and fauna, including touch tanks and shows. For the more adventurous, take the opportunity to SCUBA or snorkel in the shark tank during feeding time, which the photo shop will be happy to photograph or videotape for you.

Back to Curaçao TOC

Special Pages

Here are views of Curaçao taken from the USS San Francisco, "the Atlantic fleets finest fast-attack submarine."
Sephardic House: Curacao
Accurately subtitled "A Journey to Jewish Curacao," this page gives a brief history of Jews on Curaçao and brings us up to date with current life on the island and preservation of temples and tombs (Jewish life dates from about 1650). The page contains a complete overview of the island, so although of interest to those interested in Jewish history in the New World, the information is useful to all visitors. (The page is based on a 1990 article.)
Diatel Curacao - The dialysis tourist's paradise within a paradise
Diatel (a contraction of dialysis and hotel) proposes to treat people needing dialysis while they visit Curaçao. Despite the name, this is not a hotel, it is a center where people are treated as guests, not as patients. If you require dialysis, make your lodging accommodations, then schedule your treatments before you leave for Curaçao.

Back to Curaço TOC


We have a good book on Dominica.

Dominica Online
This is a site with a dual personality. There are links from this page to attractive photographs of a lovely island. The links are to pages with several photographs, so you may wait for awhile for the downloading photographs to reach the one you selected, but the wait is brief and worthwhile. And there is a page with commercial links, proclaiming Dominica to be a "haven for offshore investments." In addition to real estate and business investments, this part of the site invites you to the online boutiques of local businesses. But be sure to visit the commercial page, as it has links to articles on hikes, cruises, the people who live there, and much other material of interest to the visitor to Dominica. The pages are well- written with some subtle humor.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic North Coast Home Page
The ultimate blurb -- "Hispaniola! The most beautiful island I have ever seen!" -Christopher Columbus. This is a commercial page. If you are going to an all inclusive resort or you want to buy things, you will love this Web site. It has a page called "Land and People" that extols the land, the climate, the rivers, but forgets the people. Given the scant information about the Dominican Republic on this site, we presume it is aimed at people who have already been there and who want to return to buy things -- there are several ads for real estate agencies and a law firm. You will also find ads for villas, resorts, diving schools, and other services for the tourist.

French West Indies


We moved the entire French West Indies!

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we were getting complaints that this page was too big, so we've moved the French West Indies to
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Grenada Explorer
This is a commercial site promoting Grenada as a travel destination. Grenada Explorer claims to be the most highly promoted advertising medium on the Internet. The site provides information about getting around the island, restaurants, lodging, beaches, but not much about the island or the people who may live there. This site is definitely aimed at tourism.


Guadeloupe has been moved

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Barbancourt Rhum
En français. An introduction to a Haiti rum distillery. The opening page has too many photographs and takes too long to download. Links to other pages appear long before the photographs finish loading, and we availed ourselves of those links. In addition to information about the company, this site provides recipes for rum drinks and links to other Web sites with information related to Haiti.
Haitian Archives
From the Central Connecticut State University, a repository of web documents related to Haiti's history and contemporary struggles for social progress. Links include information on U.S. colonialism, economics, and the 1995 elections. An excellent resource on this island nation.
Haiti Shipwreck Safari
Described as the ultimate shipwreck diving vacation, this tour operator provides week-long excursions out of Fort Lauderdale. The author offers to "tantalize your pallet" with gourmet food and to take you "on hourseback to the towering Citadelle." The information given seems complete -- itinerary, costs, inclusions and exclusions, and days. Tours are limited to 10 persons.


Passport Jamaica
This is a commercial site with a huge listing of resorts and such activities as deep sea fishing, scuba diving, parasailing, sea kayaking, and snorkeling. There is also practical information on the island, including what the customs officers look for, shopping, and haggling with beach vendors.
Beingee's Internet Jamaica
The site has lots of pages and lots of photos, but the information is buried several links deep. There are links to places to stay, places to eat, and things to do. Some of the links are mislabeled, so our attempt to see photos by recent visitors led us instead to a page to send a postcard. It takes some effort to dig out what you want to know, but the information is there.
Bougain- Villa Jamaica
This is a commercial site that makes nice use of tables. The page contains links to travel, resources, references, music, sports, and more, all related to Jamaica. The commercial is low key (they want to rent you a villa), and the other information provided is outstanding -- Beaches, restaurants, tourist spots, transportation, and services.
Sponsored by the Jamaica tourist board and Changes in L'Attitude, this site contains nice, informative pages with good pictures. It covers the major resorts, sports, and honeymoon spots, but not the island or its people. The General Information page provides helpful information on local driving, gambling, electrical systems, and so on. As you would expect from the sponsors of the page, everything is gloriously beautiful.


We moved Martinique

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Volcano Events 2003
The US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration has satellite imagery of the eruptions of Soufriere, including QuickTime video of ash streaming across the Caribbean.
Montserrat Information Access Centre
The Montserrat Information Access Centre normally contains links of interest both to the island and its islanders; however, it is now a news resource on conditions on the island and relief efforts. The links about the island and its inhabitants remain, but are over shadowed.
Soufriere Hillls, Montserrat, West Indies
An excellent professional report of the current series of eruptions on Montserrat, with photographs by Steve O'Meara.
Montserrat News
Links to additional news on the eruption, some with daily updates.


Three Routes Saba
Links to commercial dive operators on Saba.
The Gate House
This site is available in English, Français, and Nederlands. The opening page has a grand photo of the Gate House overlooking the Caribbean. There are links to photos of the villas, descriptions, rates, and more. Saba offers SCUBA and hiking, and the Gate House offers other activities for its guests. Contact information is provided for reservations and queries.

Les Saintes

We moved Les Saintes

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St. Barthelemy

We moved St. Barth

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St. Kitts

The St.Kitts & Nevis Explorer
This site provides a considerable amount of information on St. Kitts and Nevis, with a weekly newsletter promising unbiased and nonpolitical news about the islands. Each island is given a brief overview and links to much more detail. There are lots of small photographs, but they are, unfortunately, the postcard kind that show beautiful island pictures that could be anywhere -- palm trees and oceans, a golf course, giggling kids in a tree. We also found a few dead links on our visit, but the site is definitely worth visiting if you are considering a trip to St. Kitts or Nevis. There is a search engine and lots of Caribbean recipes.
St. Kitts and Nevis
This is the Web site of the Department of Tourism, which violates our rule that governments should not do Web sites, and it provides a very attractive and informative site. It is easy to navigate, and the pages have excellent illustrations but are quick to download. During our visit the navigation bar on every page returned an error, but the text navigation aid below it responded to our requests correctly. The site provides travel tips (tips are expected, the voltage, currency, attire, passports, and so forth), lists of restaurants, places to stay, and much more, along with very favorable comments by visitors.

St. Lucia

We have a good book on St. Lucia.

St. Lucia News
This site offers local news about the island, as well as regional news. The site also provides links to the local weather, sports, entertainment, lifestyle articles, and more. The site provides real news and commentary that is not just promotional material. A useful site.
Official Saint Lucia Tourist Board home page
Despite being official, this is an attractive, interesting site. It provides information on ATM machines, taxes, driving (permit required; left side of road), and other helpful tips, links to local accommodations, dining (with helpful reviews and links where available), events, sports, and more.
St. Lucia
This is a Caribbean Island Travel site, with villas for rent. Rates are given in US dollars, and the site lists a couple of dozen units, often with photographs and descriptions.
Oasis Marigot
This is an informative site, not only about the hotel, but about the island in general. You can search its database for accommodations and reserve your apartment online. The information page is quite helpful about the reservation process. Rates are given in US dollars and are quoted for a week or for a day. Lots of photographs of the hotel, its environs, and its activities make the Oasis seem an attractive place to stay.
St. Lucia Villas of Distinction
One photograph of a featured resort, then text descriptions and rates of villas and beach resorts. Rates are given on a weekly basis.
St. Lucia Online Tourist Guide
This is an attractive site with a great many photographs of the island. The general information page contains a great deal of information useful to first- time visitors, lodgings are listed with rates, and be sure to view the photo album.
Official Guide to St. Lucia
This site is an excellent resource on St. Lucia, giving us brief regret that we always say government- sponsored sites are dry and tasteless. The site is well- written and contains many photographs which actually show real people, not models smiling as they wade in the ocean in tuxedoes and evening gowns. There were occasional markup errors causing some display irregularities, but the site provides a wealth of information on the island, its lodgings, restaurants, and natural resources. If you are considering St. Lucia as a destination, see this site. Recommended
St. Lucia - Simply Beautiful
This is a rather dry site about St. Lucia (listings of the government officials, it is a constitutional monarchy, and a link to the Web site of the host, Cable and Wireless), It has lists of places for lodging with addresses and telephone/ fax numbers (and links to Web pages, but they are few), but no descriptions, of restaurants with addresses and telephone numbers, with descriptions of the food, of car rental agencies, of companies doing business with tourists, and not much more.
St. Lucia Destination Page
This Web site is an online travel brochure promoting the island without really giving any sense of it. It is, however, complete in its contents -- hotels, dining, shopping, and other activities are well covered. Hotel listings give rates and descriptions of the hotels. We almost missed the reservations frame as it was too small to show more than the top third of the icon telling us we could "reserve now." Be sure to print the coupon entitling you to a free refreshment.
St. Lucia
This site provides links to several pages of information on St. Lucia, including competitive sailing and fishing, car rentals, where to stay and eat, jazz festivals, and where to rent a cellular phone while you are there -- Ah, paradise! Some of the backgrounds are big, slow to download, and make it hard to read the text, but the graphics are very attractive, and overall the site is well- designed and very useful.

St. Martin - Sint Maarten

We moved St. Martin

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we were getting complaints that this page was too big, so we've moved St. Martin to
If you have bookmarked the page, our apologies for the inconvenience. You will need to change your mark.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Cariaccou Caribbean Connection
The opening page is huge! Our first attempt to download it crashed our computer; the second attempt started from the cache and took another two and a half minutes on a 28.8 modem. Animated images, sound files, and photos and clipart, along with lots of text. Following pages are huge, with sound files forced upon you, along with tons of pictures and confusing navigation. We suggest an Internet connection with a T3 for this site. Welcome to Petit Byahaut
This is a commercial site for a resort on one of the islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. A maximum of fourteen guests at a time sleep in permanent tents with roofed decks, spread out over 50 acres. Prices include three meals and daily cleaning, outdoor bathroom facilities, picnics, snorkeling gear, and more. Rates are given for daily and weekly stays, and prices are given for scuba packages. There are lots of photographs, and they make the isle seem very alluring.
St. Vincent & the Grenadines
These islands are often mentioned as the best place in the world to sail -- Nice breezes, moderate temperatures, beautiful islands. This page has mostly text, with a nice map and a photo of a harbor in Bequia. The author clearly loves the islands, and the descriptions of the islands in the archipelago are complete -- lodging, restaurants, scenery.
Welcome to St. Vincent & the Grenadines
This ISP on the islands provides links to a virtual tour of the islands, the local newspaper De Vincy, businesses, and a chat room. Text pages provide listings of airlines, hotels, and restaurants to help plan your trip.
St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Primarily text, this site provides fundamental information for the would- be tourist such as customs, currency, and a list of 1995 events! This site does a nice job of describing several hotels and includes nice photos and detailed information as well. One link provides text describing several excursions that includes some of the island's history as well. Well worth a visit! Recently updated. Nice photos.
My Life in St. Vincent & the Grenadines
A personal description of the islands from a Canadian who spent a portion of his youth on St. Vincent. A delightful page full of insights into the islands and the author.

Trinidad and Tobago

Welcome to Trinidad and Tobago
Also available en español and en français. This is a handsome site maintained by the Tourism and Industrial Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago. It has links to business, tourism, arts and culture, and news and events, as well as sound files (in .wav format) and videos. The tourism link leads to colorful pictures of beaches, Carnivals, music, diving, food and lodging -- almost everything you need to know. Unfortunately, many of the links are to pages still under construction. After your lengthy wait for the background image, you get the familiar yellow sign and no information. Be sure to check where the link leads before you select it. T&T claim to be the most cosmopolitan of the Caribbean islands, and their festivals makes the claim hard to dispute: Carnival, Phagwa, Hosay, Eid Ul Fitr, Divali, and Christmas.

Turks and Caicos

The Lonely Planet Bahamas Turks & Caicos is available, and we also have a review of Hunter Publishing's guide book to the Bahamas which covers Turks and Caicos.

Accenting the Turks & Caicos Islands
A brief history, a little information on the geography, descriptions of some of the larger towns, where to fish and scuba and do other things. The page is entirely tourist-oriented, and it has little depth; the few photographs are brochure- type images of a beach, a table on a beach -- they could have been taken anywhere. There is a link to a company providing package tours and the promise of a link to business and investment on the islands.
Eagles Rest Villas T&C
A commercial site offering "The best of N.Y. style comfort in a Caribbean atmosphere." Very nicely illustrated site for villa rental and sales of undeveloped lots on Turks & Caicos. There are photographs of a villa, successful fishermen, and people having fun. The author gives rates for the rentals and phone numbers. If you're interested in buying, a video is available.
TCI Villas
Register online to rent a villa; reserve via email. This page has photos and detailed descriptions of several villas. Also provided is a listing of activities (such as sailing, snorkeling, etc) with their proximity to the villa.
J&B Tours
This boat charter service provides an assortment of tours. You can charter a boat for a private group, take SCUBA or snorkeling trips, go on a beach barbeque or a cave safari, or go on the glow worm mating trip! Apparently, each month the glow worms mate on two to three nights and you can see them glow. This is a sunset trip; with a full bar available, it sounds like a evening to remember!
Salt Cay Divers
Salt Cay is the southernmost inhabited island in the Turks and Caicos Islands. With a population reported to be 130, this appears to be a great SCUBA island. Beautiful underwater pictures with descriptions of the varied dive sites and a list of what species are prevalent each month of the year are available. The pictures of the island itself are not as breathtaking - but maybe that is only because they were taken by divers, not landlubbers (that's one theory, at least)! Very specific information about flying to the island is also provided.
Castaway Beach House Resort
This resort in on Salt Cay. The home page also includes helpful information about the island. Unfortunately, the photos are dark and difficult to see, so it is difficult to get a sense of what the island looks like.

Virgin Islands

Hunter Publishing has a guide which covers the Virgin Islands.

US Virgin Islands
Excellent listings from each island with hotels, cottages, guest houses. Pictures of beaches and people. The lodging descriptions are nicely complete.
The British Virgin Islands Welcome
Netscape 1.1 enhanced with very vibrant colors. Extremely helpful pages with thumbnail maps and descriptions of each island. Tons of information on cruises, snorkeling, vacation packages, and where to stay, eat, and shop. Highly recommended.

General Caribbean Resources

Amazon.comWe have reviews of Caribbean guidebooks at PaperView which you may find helpful. We have found some which we recommend for beginners, shoppers, and hikers. We have added reviews of Hunter Publishing's Best Dives of the Caribbean, Cruising the Caribbean, and Secret Hideaways.
Read about the Hunter Guides now.

Caribbean Compass
News and information aimed mostly at sailors in the Caribbean, this is the site of a monthly print magazine. There are lists of articles and calendars of events. The site also provides writers' guidelines, if you wish to contribute.
Caribbean Flags
This site sells Caribbean flags in a variety of forms: the flags, license plates, bandanas, and more. In addition, the site offers information about many of the flags.
Caribbean Media Corporation
Links to newspapers on nearly every island in the Caribbean where one is published. Additional links to get headlines in your email, radio programming, advertising, and RSS feeds.
BBC News
This page lists stations where you can tune in to BBC news for the Caribbean.
Guide to Caribbean Vacations
This is an overall view of the Caribbean by a travel writer, laden with ads. We are not convinced it is worth ignoring them to visit the site. For the most part, islands are given a few paragraphs of travelogue- style descriptions, but nothing of substance, with Google ads marching down the right side of the crowded page. We have to say, though, that the author's opinions are right out there for all to see. For example, he hates the French citizens of Martinique, and states his reasons plainly. While we may disagree with his opinion, we cannot disagree with his reasoning. He has some quick pages with quick answers on cruises, beaches, scuba, and such. We think this site is best used by people who have never been before and who are not interested in depth of knowledge, just a quick overview.
Sunny Dream
We really wanted to like this site. It has a great deal of information on the islands of the Caribbbean, but the opening page has a huge JavaScript that scrolls stuff, it takes forever to download, longer to render, and makes navigation horrible. We had to go to our Home Page to type this, as the JavaScript slowed down our computer to the point of being unuseable. Unfortunately, the designers have placed the scrolling JavaScript on many of the internal pages, too.
Caribbean Index
The Association of Business Travelers claims to offer the lowest prices available. The site offers only vacation packages. You must buy the airline and hotel which they sell. Prices are given from New York, and you must access another page to determine the amount to add on for departure from your airport. You also need to visit the page that explains all their abbreviations (ROH, S, T+S, and so on). You may request more information by a Web- based form, and you may make your reservations online, sending your credit card number on a non-secure Web page.
This is a large commercial site offering a searchable database on the Caribbean. You can search for accommodations, restaurants, holidays, diving, entertainment, and much, much more.
Beach Wallpaper and Caribbean Photos
This site offers lots of snapshots from the authors' trips to St. Lucia, Anguilla, St. Thomas, St. John, and more. In addition to photos to look at online when you need your tropical island fix, you can download images for desktop wallpaper.
Intellicast Caribbean Weather
Find the weather forecast for the island of your choice from this page.
Caribe Search
This is a searchable database of information on the Caribbean and Latin America. We found it a little difficult to get around at first; there is a great deal of information here. We found a few "under construction" and "file not found" pages, but the site offers Caribbean news and weather, an email list to talk about the Caribbean, links to music, free home pages, and links to other Web sites for information on arts, crafts, education, business, and much more. NOTE: As of 31 January 2000, Caribe Search was looking for volunteer correspondents to post news to the site.
The complete Caribbean scuba diving guide
This site promotes three guides to diving the Caribbean, split into the northern, central, and southern islands. There are pages for each island, but the information is skimpy, basically a tease to entice you into buying one of the volumes.
Scuba Diving Charters in the Windward Islands
The companies are not necessarily located in the islands, so if you have some discomfort about local practices, you may be able to find a company in your country. This page lists names, locations (city, state, or island), and telephone and fax numbers. If the company has a Web page, there is a link.
Changes in L'Attitudes
This is a commercial site for resorts in the Caribbean. It is colorful and searchable, and it has links to specials and promotions as well as listings of the resorts promoted by the site. Unfortunately, the authors have spread the information out over many pages, so you cannot find a location and then get a description, the rates, and available amenities without clicking through at least three pages, often more. All the information is there, it just takes too long to get to.
Turquoise Net
The Turquoise Net is a general guide to the Caribbean and offers wonderful pages on over a half dozen islands. The site offers daily news of and from the Caribbean, accommodations, maps, photos, transportation, and much more than we can describe. An excellent resource. Highly recommended.
The Caribbean Tourism Organization
This site offers a Caribbean travel planning guide to residents of the US and Canada, and it has a calendar of events which was current as of our visit. The Destination Search was a disappointment -- a brief paragraph about each island. The site provides a searchable database of travel agencies which are members of the Caribbean Coalition for Tourism. You may search by agency name or by city.
Orrin's Caribbean Index
An excellent resource with links to Caribbean Islands, news, weather, cruise lines, air lines, and more. Recommended.
PAHO Health Profiles
Health profiles for Guadeloupe, Martinique, and French Guiana, among other countries. Download in .pdf format.
CDC Travel Information -- Caribbean
This site is from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. After you read it, you will not feel safe at home, much less anywhere in the Caribbean. Although scary, the site is written too generally to be of significant help for diseases specific to any particular island. Some information is related to certain islands in the Caribbean, so scan it for particulars.
Caribbean Vacation Villas
This site contains information on renting villas on a dozen islands in the Caribbean. Each villa is given a separate page with several photographs, a description, and prices.
Caribbean for Visitors
This is a commercial site with lots of graphics. It provides links to information on cruises, charters, and other services which appear to pay for the link. While there is considerable information here, the site gives the impression that it is providing you for its advertisers rather than its information for you. With the heavy use of graphics and the use of paying sources, we suggest using this site as a last resort.
Karnaval Madekera 1996
Photographs and a very good description of carnaval in Fort de France, Martinique, and Pointe a Pitre, Guadeloupe.
Paradise at Best
This is a commercial site that wants to rent you a villa on one of several Caribbean islands. The pages are attractive and have gorgeous photographs of the islands and the villas. Some information is given on each island on which villas are available. Prices are given in U.S. dollars. If you have a favorite island, this is a good site to visit to see if a villa is available. (Villas can be a better deal than hotels for small groups of tourists, and villas are much more private and are likely to be more upscale.)
Antilles/Caraïbe francophone
Links to French- related sites having to do with the Caribbean, including several about Haiti. You will find a great deal of background information about the Caribbean here.
Villa Vacations -- WIMCO
The West Indies Management Company, publisher of Vendôme Guides, has a Web site which provides information on their villas on many of the islands of the Caribbean (and southern France). The site provides a photo and a brief description of each of the islands where WIMCO has properties, along with a list of the properties available on each. However, if you wish more detailed information, including prices, you must order the Vendôme Guide for US$11.00, plus shipping. [It has been the experience of The Civilized Explorer team that quite nice villas can be an excellent value even for budget- conscious travellers, especially for several couples and lengthy stays.]
ICU Home Page
Internet Caribbean Unlimited will be providing links to the different islands in the Caribbean. Right now there are links for Curaçao and St. Martin, with the promise of more to come. The page for St. Martin has a ton of proposed links, but only 2 are active. One link gives helpful information on the Dutch side of the island, including the voltage, but fails to mention that voltage is different on the French side. The link to beaches, however, is quite good. The coverage of Curaçao is much better, including information on jobs, schools, investments, real estate, and considerably more. This site shows much promise -- Keep an eye on it for changes.
Caribbean Voice Magazine
This is the Web site of the print magazine. It is very heavy on text, and it contains many brief articles. It appears to be aimed at emigrés from the Caribbean who wish to keep up with the local news. There are links to radio stations carrying Caribbean content and links to Caribbean Web sites. Well worth a visit for the depth of its coverage.
Weddings by IPS
Want to get married on a tropical island? This site is in the U.S. Virgin Islands, so it is more nearly hassle- free for American citizens. Not only will the author help you plan your tropical wedding, but her husband is a pastor. All the information you need is here -- the ceremony, the prices, options, reservations, and an email help line. Options include a live steel pan player and three hours of personal time in a white stretch limo.
Condé Nast Traveler Magazine Caribbean Photo Gallery
Some travel magazine photographs of the Caribbean -- lush, colorful, tropical. If you have not been to the Caribbean, you will want to go. If you have been, you will have very pleasant flashbacks.
Cyberyachts Home Page
Charter a cruising catamaran in the British Virgin Indies and in the Grenadines. Sizes available for 1 to 6 couples. Very detailed information, including photographs, sleeping quarters, electronics, dimensions, and rates.
Comprehensive information on business, banking, investment, and retail services -- serious information about the Caribbean islands. Information on the governments and nongovernmental organizations, law, tourism, and sport and culture, among other topics, with additional information specific to certain islands. The site has matured since our last visit and has much more information. This is an excellent site for research and study, especially if you are interested in moving to the Caribbean and starting your own business. Recommended.
Carib World Travel
A travel agency with offices in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, and on the Caribbean island of Montserrat, specializing in travel to the Caribbean. Attractively designed, brief pages for quick downloads with full information. They also have a link for special discount packages to the islands and to the Caribbean side of Mexico. Their goal is to send you to Dominica and Montserrat for a vacation on these less- traveled islands. The links to these islands contain maps, history, what to do, where to eat, and tips for local color. This site is both very attractive and very helpful. Recommended.
General information on the islands, a searchable database on lodging, restaurants, and honeymoons; guides to the islands.
Caribbean Travel Roundup
This non-commercial on-line newsletter includes articles about a wide assortment of Caribbean islands. Articles are more informative than brochures and ads generally are. This is a good site to get detailed information about specific islands. Hint: Use this site once you've decided where you want to go!
Advance-Damron Vacations
100% pure adventure for gay men - this agent provides windjammer cruises in the Caribbean with no set schedule or agenda. The trips include surprise entertainers, fabulous food, excursions, and campy evening extravaganzas. This site includes an option to e-mail for more information. This is a great looking homepage!
Bareboat or Crewed Charters
Charter catamarans for sailing around the British Virgin Islands -- Rates, photos, and descriptions; sailing lessons are available.
Eastern Caribbean
This site plans to provide information on several islands in the Eastern Caribbean but currently includes only a link to Barbados.
Where to Stay in the Caribbean
Guide to resorts in the Caribbean; Netscape enhanced. The opening page gives you the options of searching by island, resort, or topic. The links are to descriptions of the resort with phone number and address, plus whatever other information is available to the author. Additional information is provided for Caribbean islands from such sources as the CIA World Fact Book, the University of Texas Library of maps, and other web pages. Newly updated, this page now has breadth and depth. A great deal of effort, and it shows. Recommended.
Beau Travel
A very folksy site from a travel agency specializing in the Caribbean and New Hampshire. (Guess where Beau lives!) Lots of information about Jamaica and Barbados including food, arts, sports, shopping, and a description of the main resort areas. Specific tours (air, hotel, transfers) described leaving from New York or Boston. This all-text site also includes descriptions of the agents' recent trips to the Caribbean. Includes special fares initiating all over the U.S., and "Travel Talk," a discussion of important trends in the travel industry (and how they affected Beau's decision to create a home page).
Caribbean Information Office
Much of this site is "still under construction" and some links give the 404 file not found error. The goal of this site is to provide information on the islands and their hotels so you can make reservations through an 800 number. Check the index of islands and the index of hotels, but be prepared for little in the way of information.
University of the West Indies
In addition to information about UWI, Mona, Jamaica, this site provides a great deal of helpful information for novice users and has links to other Caribbean- related home pages.
Caribbean Cultural Center
"More than 500 years ago, three cultures met in the warmth of the Caribbean." Enjoy the links to art, music, religion -- and mambo. Más de 100 discos! Also links to sound files and recipes, with promises of more to come.

Caribbean Rhythms

Tropik FM
En française seulement. Online Caribbean radio streamed to your computer. They offer zouk, reggae, latin, and more.
Caribbean Free Radio
More or less live radio from various islands. Webcasts, podcasts, news, and ads from St. Barth, Tortuga, Trinidad and Tobago. Browse the site to see what's available on the day of your visit.
Caribbean Music & Dance Programs
See this listing in the Cuba section for more information.
Afro-Caribbean Music
En français; also in English. Indexed by country, styles, artists, labels, and instruments. This site also contains links to scores, midi files, lyrics, and Parisian stores and clubs. The sound files are large so they take a while to download, but you get more that just a sound bite.
Irie Jam
Hartford, Connecticut, USA, is a hotbed of reggae music, claiming to be home to the third largest West Indian community in the US. The site is animated and JavaScripted. There are links to photos of Dancehall Queens, newsgroups, local artists, interviews, and much more.
En français. A heavy duty background and lots of graphics make for a long download with this fun site. The links are hard to read against the background, but there is a great deal here -- mystery songs are available for you to identify, weekly featured artists, top 10 listings, what's new in zouk, where to buy, reviews with a sampling of the songs, and a request line.
WSTA 1340 AM -- Radio in the U.S.V.I.
The news is posted daily, and there are links to local businesses and any hurricane reports that may be appropriate. More important, however, are the music clips by local artists that are available for downloading. We be jammin'!
Hibiscus Records
For island music lovers. En français seulement. "Les Hits les plus chaude de la Caraïbe." A catalog of the hottest hits of the Caribbean music scene, both audio and video. Audio files are available for such stars as Kwak, Eugène Mona, and Palaviré.

Car Rental in the Caribbean

Escapade Car Rental - Guadeloupe
En française; in English. Rates are effective for the entire year (no high or low season rentals).
Pro-rent Car Rental in Guadeloupe
En française; in English. This is a strange site; with a JavaSript- capable browsers, the links move in a circle around their logo.
Caribbean Car Rental Guide
Java- only site. Without a Java- capable browser, you get lots of funny little Java logos. With Java, you find out that your Java- applet downloads were for words that highlight when you put your cursor over them. We counted 33 Caribbean islands in their list, including St. Barth. Rates vary seasonally. Lots of helpful information for each of the islands listed.
Budget Car Rental Antilles
En française; in English. Rentals in Guadeloupe, Martinique, and St. Barth. Rates are given in two tables, one for low season, one for high.
Caribbean Car Location - Guadeloupe
En française. On the day of our visit, this site offered "Seducing Prices!" Although the site promises English, it delivers only the seductory offer then switches back to French for the tarifs. Seasonal variation in rates.
Sixt/Locagua Location de voitures
En française; in English; am deutsch. This site is Guadeloupe- specific and offers seasonal rates in table form.
Europcar Online Reservation Service
En française; in English. This page is their worldwide locator. You must go through about three pages to get to the Caribbean islands for your rates. You then go through a few more pages to get to a form to fill out for them to email you a quote. We gave up.
Jumbo Car
En française; in English. This site offers rentals in Guadeloupe and Martinique. The site makes it a little more difficult to get a rate than it should be. You must select your car group from a drop down menu (by letter -- once you make that selection, a typical car is listed), then your airport from a drop down menu, then your arrival date from another drop down menu, then the date you return the car. The site then calculates your cost in French francs.
Loc'evasion car rental
En française; in English. This rental agency is in Les Moules, Guadeloupe, and gives the rates by season in tabular form.
Loca Car
En française seulement. A very simple site. They give the rate, the car, the conditions. Email for a reservation. Guadeloupe only.
En française seulement. Tabular presentation of rates; seasonal variations. Guadeloupe only. Reservations by email get a 5% discount.
This link is to their worldwide Web site. Select Caribbean for rates.
Hertz Guadeloupe
Hertz cars are available on Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Guayane directly from this site.
Andre Location
En française; in English. Car, scooter, and motorbike rentals on Marie Galante. Tabular presentation, seasonal rates.
Caribbean-On-Line: Car Rental
This site lists rental companies on 17 islands; it gives telephone numbers and links to Web sites where available.
Paris Car Rental
This rental agency serves the island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands. It appears to provide only 4-wheel drive vehicles; rates are tabular.
Turbe Car Rental
Get your Mini Moke for St. Barth here; also Suzukis. St. Barth only; rates are seasonal and presented in tables.
Well, it should be titled Curaçao car rentals. Tons of agencies with addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and URLs where available.
Dominica Car Rental
This site gives only the name, town, and telephone number of the 20 agencies listed.
Car Rental US Virgin Islands
This is the first of five pages of names, addresses, and telephone numbers of rental agencies.
Car Rental British Virgin Islands
The first of three pages of names, addresses, and telephone numbers of rental agencies.
Carvahome Curaçao Car Rental
Nederlandse; English. Tabular list of rates and a form to reserve your car.
Car-Rental Companies in Grenada
Links to the Web sites of nine agencies in Grenada; this page also has helpful pointers on local requirements.
Sunshine Car Rental
Located in Sint Maarten. Rates are given in a table, quoting US dollars; rates vary by season.
Dhana Car Rental
Located in Montego Bay, Jamaica, rates are quoted in US dollars.
C & Z Car Rentals
This site is hosted by Netscape, and it took an appallingly long time to download, including waiting for several advertising banners from other sites and a QuickTime file of some sort. C & Z rents cars in Tobago. We counted 18 banner ads and a scrolling headline banner. No rates, though. Call or email for the information you needed to have given to you on the Web page.

Caribbean News

Caribbean news

There's also an interactive map of the Caribbean for you to explore.

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