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Welcome to The Civilized Explorer PaperView(tm). We have read a ton of books in our research and relaxation, and we have published reviews of some of them where they relate to our travel pages. We offer you the opportunity to buy the books online in association with Amazon.com, with worldwide shipping.

We are not affiliated with any publisher or author, and our reviews of the books are as honest and accurate as our reviews of Web sites. With each book we provide a direct link to Amazon.com for your ordering pleasure. While you are free to choose to buy your books anywhere, we invite you to order from our links if you make a decision based on our review. We will receive a commission on any sale made from the links we provide.

Amazon.com offers more than 2.5 million titles, has top- notch customer service, ships books worldwide, and provides secure ordering if you choose to use your credit card.

We order books through Amazon.com and have been satisfied with their prices and their service. We trust that you will be, too.

If you have comments about or additions to our reviews, please drop us a line by selecting the envelope for forms- enabled browsers or our names for mailto- enabled browsers. We will assume the comments are to be posted to our comment section unless you tell us otherwise; email addresses will not be posted.

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