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Visitor's Guide - Windward Islands

A very attractive book on the Windward Islands of the Caribbean.

Review by Phil Stripling

This is the 1996 edition. The book has coated stock (slick, shiny pages) with color photographs and four- color advertisments throughout. The listing of the islands is in no discernible order. There is an overall description of the Windward Islands and their history, climate, culture, people, and economies. The text is well- written and interesting. There are 40 pages on Martinique, with a comparatively lengthy description of Forte de France, a short Creole menu translator and restaurant guide, and descriptions of the northern half of the island, the east coast, and the south half, with lists of villages and points of interest for each region. There is a separate, lengthy list of accommodations, with a couple of lines of descriptions for each along with telephone numbers. There is also a lengthy listing of useful addresses and telephong numbers, holidays, banks, sports, weddings, and more.

This book is recommended.

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