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Lonely Planet Eastern Caribbean

Likely the best travel guide to the islands of the eastern Caribbean. A recommended book.

Review by Phil Stripling

This travel guide is credited to Glenda Bendure and Ned Friary; they do an admirable job. The guide is written in a straightfoward fashion without the glowing, over the top descriptions of travel brochures. There is substantial introductory material on life and travel in the Caribbean, and each island receives considerable coverage as well, with maps and color photographs dispersed throughout the volume. Islands are covered alphabetically, and the authors devote 45 pages to Guadeloupe, 15 pages to St. Barth, and 31 pages to Martinique. The coverage is excellent; we think this book has the best information on St. Barth that we have seen.

Our judgment of the descriptions is that they are accurate, although the authors do not convey any of the excitement of some of the locations or excursions. The style is somewhat reportorial, but the authors include locations of bookstores, laundromats, post offices, and banks, along with the usual lists of lodgings and restaurants. With so much information, I am not willing to complain too much about the lack of hyperbole. This book is recommended.

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