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HTML 4 Unleashed

In depth review of HTML 4.0, page and site design, and associated tools.

Review by Phil Stripling

WARNING: I contributed four of the chapters of this book. I am biased.

I have several Sams.net books on HTML in my library, and the Unleashed series from Sams.net has been an excellent resource for me. HTML 4 Unleashed continues the tradition of offering huge books with in- depth information. Rick Darnell is the main author, and the book weighs in at over a thousand pages, counting the index. I have the softcover edition which contains a CD-ROM with samples, shareware programs, and free utilities. The CD is readable in both Windows and Macintosh operating systems, and the disk contains software for both systems.

I would suggest the book for persons who have enough experience with HTML to be comfortable with the depth of the material in HTML 4 Unleashed. It covers dynamic HTML, cascading style sheets, scripting in several languages, and even how to read a Document Type Definition. Software includes NetObjects Fusion demos for both Mac and Windows and evaluation versions of Spider, HotDog32, ActiveX Control Pad, BBEdit 4.0, PaintShop Pro, MapThis, Goldwave sound editor, WebMap, GIFConverter, Sparkle, and Fast Player. MSIE 3 is also included for Windows 3.1, 95, NT 3.51 and 4 and the Mac.

I think there is enough here to get everyone started on Web site development and to carry them on to any level of knowledge they need. There is an online preview of the book available if you wish additional information, including excerpts.

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