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The Complete Guide Tahoe

A prodigious book with a high level of excellence. This book is recommended.

Review by Phil Stripling

We have the 1996-96 edition of The Complete Guide Tahoe by Ken Castle. It is a very thick book, and we have barely scratched the surface in exploring Lake Tahoe and its environs using this guide.

This is a big book -- well over 600 pages. The book is well- written and covers Lake Tahoe, cruises on the lake, hiking and nature trails, camping, biking, and fishing, ski resorts, wedding sites, resorts and bed and breakfasts, dining and lodging, and the Reno area. We found the descriptions to be accurate when we visited, and we followed the author's advice on several activities. The title page of each chapter contains a short list of the author's top choices, and each chapter is thorough in its coverage. Chapters begin with a brief overview of the topic and move quickly into reviews of hikes, restaurants, and so forth, with maps and photos where helpful.

This is a prodigious work with a high level maintained throughout. Recommended.

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