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Frommer's Irreverent Guides San Francisco

Irreverent is the operative word in a guide to a city that earns it. A recommended book.

Review by Phil Stripling

Frommer's Irreverent Guide San Francisco is aptly titled, and San Francisco is an apt city for an irreverent guide. We have used this book often in seeking out interesting, out of the way places to visit, and we have not been mislead.

Unlike other guides which we review, this one is written in a readable style, interesting enough for me to read in the odd moment to pass the time. When was the last time you read a travel guide just for pleasure?

The book is divided into sections covering general tips, lodging, food, things to do, shopping, nightlife, and entertainment. Since it is the "Irreverent Guide," the listings are for hotels, restaurants, and shops which are omitted from the more nearly boring, run of the mill travel guides. We discovered The Red Victorian bed and breakfast on Haight Street, the Phoenix Motel on Eddy, and the Triton at the very gate to Chinatown. We ate at Miss Pearl's Jam House, Cha Cha Cha, and Indigo. As with all guides, we have disagreed with some of the judgments, but we found nothing we could call wrong in the descriptions. And all of the places we have visited at the suggestion of the Irreverent Guide deserved inclusion. This book is recommended.

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