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Burning Man

By Plunkett & Weiners. Tons of photographs and some text at the end which makes it clear that Burning Man cannot be described. The photographs are excellent (although somewhat sensational), making this a worthwhile purchase.

Review by Phil Stripling

Burning Man cannot be described, and although we have a fairly large amount of space devoted to it (which see), we do not imagine we have been able to do justice to this annual gathering.

This book of over 150 pages is oversized and stuffed with photographs, many of them on double gate folds. Our camp is visible on the aerial view on page 28 -- measure on the bottom of the page from the outside edge in toward the center five inches, then up four and three- quarters inches. Ours is the small white van with the fuscia awning to the left of the van. Looking at that view brings back fond memories of the people camped around us. We know some of the people pictured in the book, as well.

I think that the book is too heavily weighted toward sensational photographs of naked people doing wild and crazy things, but I am sure that helps sell the book. It has not kept us from sending copies to friends to encourage them to participate in the next iteration of the burning of the man. The photos do catch much of the chaos and friendly craziness of the event.

Please check out our Burning Man pages. If you are called, you will enjoy the book. We hope it will encourage you to come and join us on Labor Day weekend. If you wish to purchase it, we hope you will buy from Amazon.com through our link.

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Burning Man

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