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Berlitz San Francisco

Competent Berlitz guidebook to San Francisco

Review by Phil Stripling

We have the 1993 edition of The Berlitz Travellers Guide to San Francisco and Northern California. The Berlitz line is competent and complete, and this book fits in well.

The book is divided into sections covering considerably more than the city of San Francisco. We would suggest this book for persons travelling to San Francisco who want to see the outlying area as well. In addition to information on San Francisco, there are chapters on Berkeley, Oakland, Marin County, the peninsula, and the coast. Then there are chapters on the wine country, the redwood country, the gold country, Yosemite, Tahoe, and the Monterey peninsula.

Although the book is over 500 pages, its breadth leads to rather shallow coverage of the areas. As usual, we found that the reviews were generally accurate, but the number of reviews in each area was less than the number of reviews in our other guidebooks. We would suggest the book for someone who will be doing a lot of sightseeing in and beyond San Francisco and who needs a quick, reliable overview of the highspots of the locales covered in this book. There may be no other guides available for the Central Coast of California, for example.

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