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Access® Caribbean

An excellent book for first time visitors

Review by Phil Stripling

This is the 1996 3d edition. This is an excellent book for first time visitors to the Caribbean -- lots of color and maps. The publisher uses color to distinguish between paragraphs on shops, restaurants, and hotels, making for quick and easy reading. There are tips on public transportation, electricity, shoppiing, personal safety, and shopping. Given the use of store logos in the text, we suspect advertising in the book buys a mention. The bulk of the text covers commercial establishments, and the descriptions are brief. Although the length of island descriptions is brief (12 pages on Martinique), the book is well- written and seems more informative than other guides (which may have longer chapters devoted to specific islands).

The overall descriptions of the islands are too brief to be helpful; buy this book for its descriptions of hotels, restaurants, and shops. An amusing error: "Chez LouLouse." Islands are listed alphabetically.

This book is recommended for beginning visitors and shoppers.

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