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Photos of La Soufriere, Guadeloupe, FWI

This page contains links to JPG images of the photos included in the Civilized Explorer family of pages. Unless otherwise stated, all JPGs are scanned at 32 bits and 72 dpi. File size is shown as compressed on the disk. File dimensions are in pixels. Copyright information and how to get permission to use the images is here.

Climbing up La Soufriere."Climbing up La Soufriere" is 502 x 742, about 197k. It shows a person on the rocky climb up the side of La Soufriere in April of 2000.

The end of the trail."The End of the Trail" is 501 x 741, about 53k. It shows the end of the trail, with signs prohibiting further ascent because of toxic gasses.

The rocky climb can be treacherous."A treacherous part of the trail" is 741 x 497, about 60k. The trail has suffered considerable erosion since our last climb. Since the crater area is closed, the trail is not being maintained past the signs.

360-Degree Panoramas of the crater and other views from Guadeloupe and Les Saintes.

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