From  Fri Oct 31 15:55:00 1997
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 02:10:04 -0500
Subject: Make Money From Alcohol

Coin Operated Talking Breath Alcohol Analyzers.


Dear Sirs,

The purpose of this letter is to offer you the equipment that my Company
manufactures. I am looking for quallified entreprenuers and companies
to sell and install these machines into bars in your area.

These machines are coin or dollar bill operated and are installed into
bars, nightclubs, disco's, anywhere alcohol is served. They TALK.

And in 5 seconds give the person taking the test a visual and Verbal
response with 27 different saying depending on there alcohol level.

These machines can make hundreds of dollars a week in a good location.

At this time we are offering Exclusive Distributorships in many areas,
and Countries World wide.

We have a web Page at

Please go there and check it out.

You could be very pleased with our product with it's social and yes,
all CASH Income.

Our Tel: 1-781-837-0609
Our Fax: 1-781-837-4971

I look forward to your reply.


Anthony Prall
President and Owner A.A.A.

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