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A Hexayurt on the Playa.

Courtesy of Vinay

We received an email inviting us to visit Vinay's page on the hexayurt he constructed on the playa in 2003. We had a couple of questions which Vinay answered in a follow up email.

The construction detail for the hexayurt are at http://mindismoving.org/hexayurt/. Vinay's answers to our questions are --

  1. it was held down with guy lines running from the roof line to the ground, connected to 17" steel military surplus tent stakes. It survived the dust storm without even wobbling.
  2. It was cool in the day time: most of the sunlight was bouncing off the foil, and the 1" thick cardboard is a pretty good insulator. With a garden sprayer running inside, it actually got *cold* in there, even in the heat of the day!
  3. the tape was 3M 890 strand tape, which is rated to 200F. I got it specifcally because of the problems I'd had with duct tapes in previous years.

Copyright © 2003 Vinay.

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