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Burning Man 1996

The Man Burns

Art Cars, Page 2

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A drawn buggy"Alien Buggy" is about 384x256 and 25.5k. Did we mention that it is not only cars that can be art? Even aliens get into the act at Burning Man.

It's a VW! It's a ..."Beetle" is about 255x380 and 17k.

Slow ChildrenIt seems these people are looking for "Slow Children", but it is not exactly clear to us what they will do with them. About 380x255 and 28k.

The paddy wagon"The Ultimate Art Car" About 380x255 and 28k.

For more information on Art Cars, an incredible culture you may never have explored, please visit Art Cars in Cyberspace. They have great photographs of the cars and records of their visits to Burning Man 1994 and 1995.

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