Burning Man Table of Contents


Courtesy of mike/gomonk

- American Science & Surplus
847 982-0870 www.sciplus.com
motors, tools, electrical components, wacky novelty items and toys, much more
- Archie Mcphee's
425 745-0711 www.mcphee.com
rubber chickens, voodoo squeak dolls, spud guns, pink flamingos, etc.
- Real Goods
1-800-762-7325 www.realgoods.com
solar and alternative energy products and information
1-800-226-7667 www.campmor.com
really good prices on camping stuff
- Anatomical Parts Catalog
1-800-661-6947 www.electromed.com
anatomical parts, charts, books, etc.
- Oriental Trading Company
1-800-228-2269 www.oriental.com
toys, novelty items, giftware, decorations, etc.
- Liquid Light
glow-things source in Menlo Park
- Omniglow Corporation
1-800-762-7548 www.omniglow.com
another glow-things source
- Essential Oil Company
1-800-729-5912 http://essentialoil.com
essential oils, massage + fragrance oils, incense supplies, etc.
- Into the Wind
1-800-204-5483 www.intothewind.com
kites, flying toys, devil sticks, colorful nylon fabrics, etc.
- Glamorama
206 467-5951 www.glamorama.com
more wacky novelty items
1-800-226-7667 www.campmor.com
good prices on camping stuff
- Boeing Surplus Store in Seattle
old tools, aircraft components, magnesium, computers, jet turbines, etc.
retail store: kent, washington 425 393-4065
- So-Cal Airgas, corporate office
310 497-1991
acetylene, H, N, O ... they don't rent regulators
- Digi-Key
1-800-344-4539 www.digikey.com
electronic components
- C&H Surplus
motors, solenoids, regulators, meters, cylinders, inverters, relays, etc.
- Angeles Valve and Fitting
The Swagelok Companies
213 849-6257
valves, high pressure tubing and fittings, etc.
1-800-686-SPAM spam.co.net/spamgift
things spam
- Things You Never Knew Existed...
941 747-5566
more fun novelty items
- Frederick's of Hollywood
1-800-323-9525 www.fredericks.com
fun novelty playa wear
- U.S. Cavalry
1-888-888-7228 www.uscav.com
military and adventure equipment
- The Sportman's Guide
military and adventure equipment
- The Weird Stuff Warehouse
408 743-5650 www.weirdstuff.com
sunnyvale and fremont
electronics and computer stuff
- Chemical Light
1-800-446-3200 www.tdtravel.com/chemlite
cool chemiluminescent products
- The Internet Resale Directory
707 939-9124 www.secondhand.com
online guide to secondhand, surplus and salvage
- Rummaging Through Northern California
707 939-9124 www.sonic.net/~rtnc
free bi-monthly newspaper promoting resale, surplus
and salvage in the Bay Area. lots of flea market information.
- Invasion Clothing
301 571-4671 www.invasion.com
glow-in-the-dark clothing
- Victoria's Secret
more fun playa wear
- The Lighter Side
941 747-5566
silly novelty items
- The Edge Company
1-800-732-9976 www.edgeco.com
tools, gifts, knives + action gea
- The Tentsmiths
603 447-2344 www.tentsmiths.com
tents and accessories
- www.teleport.com/~pdx4d/dome.html
good geodesic dome information
- www.marketzone.com/althomes/domemfgs.html
more geodesic dome information
- Halted Specialties Company
in Santa Clara 408 743-5650
electronics, lasers, etc.
- Haltek Surplus Electronics
in Mountain View
415 969-0510 408 744-1333
electronics, mechanical stuff, etc.
- Chick Publications
909 987-0771 http://www.chick.com
those little Christian comic books
- Good Vibrations
1-800-289-VIBE http://www.goodvibes.com
sex toys, books, videos, etc.
- Global Shakeup
213 259-8988 http://www.snowdomes.com
snowdomes, float pens 'n' stuff
- Recycled Stuff, Inc.
281 345-6060 http://www.recycledstuff.com
close-out tools and tents
- Law Enforcement Equipment Company
1-800-821-3238 http://www.leeco.com
clothing, bike stuff, tools, handcuffs, sirens, etc.
- NIC Law Enforcement Supply
1-888 642-0007 http://www.nic-inc.com
CIA collectibles, badges, top secret stuff, credentials, etc.
- Bronner's Xmas Wonderland
1-800-361-6736 http://www.bronners.com
decorations, lights, etc.
- Twin City Surplus in Reno
1-888-323-5630 http://www.twincitysurplus.com
camping gear and tents
- Harriet Carter Catalog
frog lights, bar signs, old fart slippers, glow tape, etc.
- 800 Trekker
1-800-TREKKER http://www.scifi.com
sci-fi goodies
- Explorastore at the Exploratorium
415 561-0390 http://www.exploratorium.edu/store
fun and educational toys and things
from the home of the tactile dome
- Brainstorms
1-800-231-6000 http://www.anatomical.com
novelty items, tornado lamps, skeletons, bug guns, etc.
- Bright Life
516 334-1356
ice cooler tables, super tape, garden gnomes, etc.
- Stumps
1-800-348-5084 http://www.stumpsparty.com
balloons, decorations, party supplies, prom stuff, etc.
- Tarps & Tie-Downs in Hayward
510 782-8772
purveyors of fine & cheap tarps & tarp material
- The Wandering Bull
508 226-6074 http://www.wanderingbull.com
American Indian crafts + supplies: feathers, leather, bones, beads, etc.
- Robot Store
1-800-374-5764 http://www.robotstore.com
robot kits, books, electronics, muscle wires, parts, etc.
- Forest City Surplus
519 451-0246 http://www.fcsurplus.com
survival, electronics, camping, tools, gizmos, beakers, whatever
- Houston's Space Place
1-877-722-3269 http://www.spaceplace.net
toys, hats, models, astronaut ice cream, etc.
- Maximum Impact
1-800-811-3799 http://www.liquid-latex.com
liquid-latex body cosmetic products
- Gempler's
1-800-382-8473 http://www.gemplers.com
work clothes, farming and safety equipment and hardware
- SCHWA Corporation
very cool graphically-oriented alien humor.
books, images, shirts, manuals, calendars, etc.
- Camp Surplus Store
805 343-6901 http://www.campsurplus.com
army navy outdoor store. hard-to find stuff. good parachute source
- Edmund Scientific
609 573-6250 http://www.edsci.com
major supplier of optics and science products. technical + fun stuff
- Mass Army Navy
1-800-343-7749 http://.www.massarmynavy.com
military surplus + vintage + reproductions from around the world
- http://members.aol.com/jboden4377/sg/ring.htm
build-your-own spud-cannons-of-the-internet
- http://www.netcom.com/~lernersj/Geometry/
geodesic shade-structure information from a veteran Ranger
- Advanced Sciences -- 25th Century Technology Today
780 327-7355 huge catalog $4.00
time travel, invisibility, levitation, mind machines, antigravity, etc.
- Essential Media
1-800-490-5350 http://www.essentialmedia.com
alternative culture in print, sound and video
- West Marine
1-800-538-0775 http://www.westmarine.com
flags, banners, sailcloth, sextants, various batteries, solar panels, etc.
- M.P. Surplus
334 983-5124 http://www.mpsurplus.com
wholesale + retail surplus, hunting, clothing supplies. parachute source.
- The Outdoor Gear Exchange
1-888-547-4327 http://www.gearx.com
discount backpacking, climbing + camping gear
- Shelter Systems
650 323-6202 http://www.shelter-systems.com
cool portable dome-like living shelters
- Ben Nye Make-up
1-800-700-3828 http://www.wyb.com/bn_cake.htm
water-based, vibrant, easy-off, perfect-for-the-desert make-up stuff
- RA Enterprises
408 986-8286 http://www.raenterprises.com
military and industrial surplus in santa clara
power supplies, pinball, oscilloscopes, delta planes, etc.
- Bond Manufacturing
1-800-359-8665 http://www.bondmfg.com
great wholesale (use a company name) source for bamboo
- G&M Sales san francisco
415 863-2855 http://www.gmoutdoors.com
sporting goods and camping gear, burning man friendly
- Spy Tech Agency
1-888-878-2779 http://www.spytechagency.com
state-of-the-art james bond stuff

if you have any other cool catalogs or sources
you'd like to add, drop a line to gomonk@sirius.com
and we'll put it on the list.


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