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Alerts for Burning Man 2002

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NOTE: This page no longer updated

This page is left for historical purposes and to prevent dead links. For current alerts concerning Burning Man, see Alerts for Burning Man, which goes on from year to year.

The following information is outdated

The Playa

The word from the playa this year is that it is back to its good condition, with a hard surface. Last year sucked really bad for biking and even walking, and the dust was miserable. This year, conditions should be better for getting around, although the wind will still kick up dust. Bring your bike for getting to all the darkest corners of the event.

Update from Maid Marian on August 22: the hot temperatures reported earlier have moderated; it was 67 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. The playa surface is in excellent condition. Expect hot weather; expect cold weather. Be prepared for both.

The Heat

We were in Reno the end of July, and the temperatures there were above normal for the year. If you have been to Burning Man in the past three years, beware! The temperatures this year look like they will be normal -- about a hundred degrees Fahrenheit all day every day; it may even be warm at night. Be sure to drink plenty of non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic fluids -- water, ginger ale, fruit juices. The last three years have not been as hot, and you may not have learned to be careful about your water intake. Please be careful this year.

A report from the playa says that the high for the day of August 15, 2002, was 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Although the playa is hard packed again like years before 2001, the heat is generating dust devils, so bring your goggles. If you have not been to Burning Man when it was hot hot hot, please be aware that you will face very hot days and that you need shade and fluids other than alcohol and caffienated beverages. Be sure you drink lots of water.

The Road Construction

If you are coming from the San Francisco area over the Sierra Nevada mountains on Route 80, be aware that there is road construction going on in both directions. Traffic is shut down to one lane in places on both the Eastbound and Westbound directions. Allow for longer travel times going and coming. If you are travelling late at night, be especially alert. Please travel safely so you can enjoy the event.

The Portapotties

As with last year, stop throwing trash in the portapotties. Women, please sit on the seat instead of standing or squatting over it and spraying the entire booth with your urine. Sheesh!

Our location in 2002

We will be camping in Hushville. The locatiion is given as 2900 at 150 degrees. 2900 may also be called Mainmast, but the BM Website is not very helpful on this. We will list our location with more accuracy at the event when we register on site; we'll also give a GPS location for those that have them. We hope to see you there -- good luck finding us.

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